Further Insight and Insider Brilliance

Speaking of Kelly, I actually like her. She is not at all like I expected. She’s very attentive, considerate, and she digs right in and isn’t the least bit bothered about hard work and getting dirty. She’s also the easiest to laugh and almost always smiling. I like a person who is easy to laugh […]

Define your metrics

Only 10 percent of all alliances implement meaningful performance measures, and of those that do, 80 percent of their executives deem them inadequate, according to an Andersen Consulting study. Remember ShopperConnection, the network for online retailers announced in late 1998 by CDnow CEO Jason Olim? Today, ShopperConnection is little more than a thinly veiled retail […]

Defining the Roles of the Players

For integrated physical therapy/wellness programs to be a success, a team concept and vision must be developed. This means other health professionals and management personnel must play an important role in the success of integrated programs. To truly create a team concept and vision, “turf” issues must be addressed and put aside to achieve a […]

Working out the Future of Entertainment

Wireless entertainment options promise an exciting future, especially as technology develops and falls in price. Despite the demise of Netpulse, a company that offered Internet access to people exercising, many facilities still use the equipment and Internet options may resume in popularity.

Singapore and Hong Kong

POWER: High Bandwidth Penetration MORE POWER CENTERS As U.S. telcos and cable companies sluggishly roll out cable and ADSL broadband Internet access across America, Singapore and Hong Kong are already nearly completely wired.

Instructor Choice

The instructor plays a major role in motivating boot camp participants. Correct instructor selection is the most important factor for a successful boot camp and cannot be overemphasized.

Fun and Research

When the staff at Cooper Fitness Center decided to create a health promotion program for members, it was no surprise they came up with a program based on cardiovascular fitness. After all, as part of the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research, the center knows a lot about aerobic exercise.

Some m-commerce reeks of Big Brother

We are about to be overwhelmed by yet another buzzword: m-commerce. Just when you thought you had heard enough about on-line shopping, along comes mobile commerce, another concept geared toward getting us to spend money.

Team Spanked Bemoans the Tribal Council

Team Spanked has a little pow-wow where they try to decide if they want to tell each other who they plan on voting out. Eventually they decide not to tell. They love each other. They don’t want to vote. Life sucks. Cry. Moan. Group hug. It starts to rain. It means something to them symbolically. […]

Does your Program Invite Diversity

As you walk through the local mall, take note of the various cultures, ethnic groups, races, ages and body types represented in the crowd. Would individuals from all of these groups feel welcome and comfortable in your aerobics classes? What about people from different educational backgrounds, social classes and religions?