Dealing With Your Cravings

Having a plan to deal with the cravings and urges to smoke is essential if you want to stay quit. This part helps you create a plan that includes anticipating when those urges might appear, as well as having several ways to deal with them.

The first step in developing your plan is to identify as many of your smoking triggers as possible. Read the article called “What Are Your Triggers?” and review your emotional and situational triggers. Then, go to the article titled “Dealing With Your Cravings (Part 2), and come up with three strategies for dealing with the urges that will result from your triggers. Here are some examples of successful strategies for overcoming cravings created by common triggers:

Trigger Strategies
Waking up Shower immediately
Sleep in
Go for a walk
Morning coffee Switch to juice or tea
Drink in a different place
Hold mug in opposite hand
Driving to work Take a different route
Listen to a different radio station
Chew gum
During breaks Go for a walk
Eat a healthy snack
Hang out with a different group
After work Drink water
Deep breathing
Call a friend
After meals Chew gum
Call a friend
Go for a walk

With friends who smoke. Avoid this situation for a while. Ask them to support you by not smoking around you for a little while. If they light up, leave for a few minutes.

Before bed Write a letter
Drink water or caffeine-free tea
Call a friend
Quit Tip: It’s important to think ahead and have a plan that deals with your triggers and urges. Don’t just try to wing it — that’s a sure way to set yourself up for a slip-up.

Good luck! We know you can do it!