Working out the Future of Entertainment

Wireless entertainment options promise an exciting future, especially as technology develops and falls in price. Despite the demise of Netpulse, a company that offered Internet access to people exercising, many facilities still use the equipment and Internet options may resume in popularity.

Kredell says he foresees the evolution of entertainment systems into a more arcade-like environment, with interactive video games and a virtual feel. Garza says that facilities can expect to see a whole slew of new wireless products, some using video streaming.

Current products will be further refined, he says, such as thinner viewing screens with enhanced performance.

All ofthe manufacturers plan to continue to develop products for facilities that stimulate their members and draw them back to their workouts time and time again.

Essential Elements of Entertainment Equipment

* Wireless FM Receiver: Members use own personal stereos
* Receivers mounted on equipment: Facility provides headphones
* Personal LCD viewing screens mounted on individual machines
* Personalized content delivery through customized private network
* Future options may include better Internet access, virtual reality and video streaming

Why Invest in Entertainment?

* Members are used to huge choices in audio/visual stimulation elsewhere, and expect it wherever they go
* Music motivates people to exercise longer and increases overall enjoyment
* People who enjoy the workout experience tend to stick to a long-term regimen
* Reduced attrition rates
* Spread the good news — happy customers attract even more customers