Things To Remember When Facing An Assailant, Part 1

To begin with, I would like to say no written article or $29.95 video can ever take the place of a qualified instructor of the martial arts. For those reading this I would also like to emphasize that a little knowledge can be helpful but it can also be harmful.

Any technique that is taught by an instructor, book, seminar or even a video and isn’t practiced on a regular basis usually has no effect against an assailant. The reason for this is often because the defender will freeze and not remember the moves needed to complete the technique.

Although the only wrong move in self-defense is no move at all, every self-defense technique needs to be practiced until it becomes second nature. When in a life-threatening situation your fight-or-flight instinct will take over, and it is important that your self-defense moves have been ingrained into your mind until they become instinctive as well. If you have to pause and think about what you need, want or should do, you have in essence made no move at all.

Remember no technique works 100 percent of the time in each and every situation. If you try something and it doesn’t work, don’t freeze. Flow into some other defensive move without pause. Once an assailant is aware that you have some type of martial arts knowledge, he or she will fight you in a totally different manner. Surprise is your best advantage so utilize it for as long as possible.

Even though I feel it is difficult to teach true martial arts in a written form as an only means of training, I do believe that people retain more of what they read than what they hear or see in one sitting. With this in mind, I would like to cover a few basic tips for you to remember.

It is important during a confrontation that you keep your head and don’t become hysterical. Your mind is your best weapon so use it to your advantage. Feigning hysterics may get the assailant to lower his or her guard long enough for you to take them by surprise but true hysterics will only blind you to any possible hope of escape.

Another important aspect of keeping yourself safe to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Listen to your sixth sense; it is there for a reason. If you see a pair of people walking toward you and you get a sudden anxious feeling, there is usually a good reason for it. Avoid unattended parking garages, or ill lit lots. Most businesses and malls have security personnel, so use them. It is better to feel foolish than end up stuffed dead in the trunk of a car.

You should also remember that men are not the only ones who commit sexual assault, rob or murder. An often forgotten aspect of violent crimes is that women can be partners to men in crime so you need to be cautious when stopping for a woman broken down on the side of the road or who approaches you in a parking lot needing help. It isn’t uncommon for women to be a distraction for a partner in crime.

Now it isn’t uncommon for a woman to ring the doorbell of a house asking for help while another woman or a man is waiting out of sight looking for you to open the door.

Start imagining what you would do in certain situations and try playing it out. One scenario would be that you are going to your car after work and suddenly a man steps out in front of you. By the time your startled gasp has left your mouth, he already has a hold of you. In this situation, what would you do?