The Six Secrets of Successful Singles

Maggie is single. She is also perpetually glum. No matter what good fortune befalls her, she stubbornly refuses to be happy. Unwittingly she has fallen under the “I’m miserable without a mate” spell.

Then there’s Cassandra. Cassie dates occasionally, but doesn’t have a steady man in her life. She is a self-proclaimed optimist who enjoys each day to the fullest. She has good friends, she loves her work, and she doesn’t let anything hold her back.

How has Cassie found contentment in her singlehood, while Maggie remains miserable in hers? Through hard work and the intent to be happy no matter what, Cassandra has discovered the following secrets of successful singlehood:

Lose the victim mentality — Our culture glamorizes marriage and relationships. Therefore it’s all too easy for single women to view themselves as unfortunate victims. But stop and consider the facts. If you are honest with yourself, you have probably chosen singlehood over other options that have presented themselves. And truth be told, aren’t there at least one or two benefits to being able to come and go as you please? If you begin looking at your life as a situation you have chosen, instead of a miserable fate that has befallen you, maybe you’ll start to see the “perks” of life as an independent woman!

Take responsibility for your situation — If singlehood is a choice you have made, then maybe you can make other life choices. In other words, it is up to you and you alone to make the most of your life as it is today. Look at the many aspects of your situation over which you have control. Which of these things would you like to change or improve? The good news is that as an independent agent, you can initiate change without having to consider the needs of anyone but you!

Take your life off hold — Stop telling yourself you can’t move forward with your life until Mr. Right comes along. Why not take that trip you’ve longed for, or buy that house you’ve dreamt of? Moving ahead with your life will improve both your confidence and your attitude. And where is it written that you can’t have a full and happy life on your own?

Develop yourself — Do an honest self-appraisal. Do you need to go back to school, attend a conference in the Caribbean, or change professions all together? Would you like to become a vegetarian, a Buddhist, or raise a pot-bellied pig? It’s all up to you — no compromises necessary!
Capitalize on your freedom — Talk to any mom with two kids in tow, not enough sleep and no time for herself.

She would die for a massage or an afternoon matinee — alone! Instead of viewing yourself as “lonely,” see yourself as free and value how wonderful it is that you have the freedom to change plans on a dime!

Live in the present — Unfortunately too many single women squander the present by pining away for Mr. Right. Today is all any of us have. And bemoaning what isn’t will keep you from enjoying all of the wonderful things that are, right at this very moment.
In short, being single is what you make it — it’s all up to you. And you don’t have to delay being happily single for another moment!