Team Spanked Bemoans the Tribal Council

Team Spanked has a little pow-wow where they try to decide if they want to tell each other who they plan on voting out. Eventually they decide not to tell. They love each other. They don’t want to vote. Life sucks. Cry. Moan. Group hug. It starts to rain. It means something to them symbolically. They move into the cave. More drama. Group hug. More tears.

They say goodbye to Team Church Social as if any one of them would not be returning. More piano music. Another group hug. Sadness.

Tribal Council

Jeff asks if they feel like visitors in their new camp. Ken says he doesn’t, that he feels like a family. Blah blah blah. Erin says something else.

Jeff asks Penny about who does the chores and something. Erin is asked why she shouldn’t be voted out tonight. She says something. Penny is asked the same thing and she says something equally notable. Jake also. Ken blah blah blah.

(Can you tell that I’m not a big fan of tribal council chatter?)

Mr. Probst explains that this person is the first person in the jury. After an emotional vote, it seems as though Ken, Penny, and Jake had all gotten together behind Erin’s back and decided that it was Erin’s time to go. More tears, hugs goodbye. Group hug with the remaining three.

Jeff Probst pretends to be sad, “You guys are running out of members – running out of time. What you can’t run out of is hope. Anything is possible in this game.” Does this mean next week is merger time?

Previews of Next Show

They get a video from home (I’m looking forward to Brian’s). Helen, yet again, states her idiotic belief that only poor people should be allowed to win. Jake and Ken plan on “creating a stir.”

And it’s very clear there’s a merge. In several screen shots, we see them wearing a gold buff while before now, they were wearing their team’s red and purple buffs.

Yippee! Now we get to watch Team Church Social vote out Ken or Penny, then Penny or Ken, then Jake or Jan, then Jan or Jake. I just hope the challenges are exciting because the babes are all being voted off and the remaining people aren’t really known for their entertainment value.