Washington Watch

August 2011 Congress has recessed for the August political conventions, having made no progress toward a patients’ rights bill or a Medicare pharmacy plan. When Congress returns after Labor Day for it’s final month, it will face the daunting job of finishing a tough budget amid a volatile political atmosphere, with the key health care […]

Museum, Here We Come

When was the last time you and your family went to a museum? Cold winter days provide the perfect opportunity, so pack the stroller or backpack. Museums, artful displays in libraries, city halls or stores are great ways to introduce children to artistic ways of thinking and seeing. When children see professional pieces, they gain […]


She Says While no one wants things dirty, the same is not true of clutter. An empty tabletop is, in my eyes, a thing of beauty; to Dave, it’s a potential home for one of the piles he creates on every available surface. Leah Elder, 32, of San Francisco, agrees: “My husband makes the piles,” […]

The Future Of Business

Our World is Changing As more people log onto the Internet, our world is changing around us. Families are becoming connected through the versatility of e-mail – written and read any time of day. School children search the web for a project finding bright images and pages of information on virtually any topic. Banks offer […]

Nobody’s Claiming Revaluation is Super

I hope no one has misunderstood my feelings toward the property revaluation. Just because I think the revaluation was done properly and honestly does not mean I think it is wonderful. I’m coming to realize more everyday just how sad this whole thing might turn out to be. It became even more clear Thursday night […]

Abazagorath Post 5

Do you think the post-9/11 American climate is more or less accepting of extreme metal bands than the time before? If more – why do you think this is? Do you see the last few years of American history as a time of growing darkness, or period of openness where Americans are finally realizing the […]

Abazagorath Post 4

To me, there was no choice but to come up with the strongest album possible. “Tenebrarum…” came out in 1997 and here we are just putting out the follow up 7 years later…. Anything less than 100% commitment to our best effort would not be acceptable. What kept us going? The will to conquer!!! The […]

Abazagorath Post 3

Chart for me the progression of Abazagorath. Have you improved as instrumentalists over the years, or improved in any way (in your eyes) as songwriters or musicians with the ability to channel and/or capture the “ideal” sound you have in your minds for your band? Are you coming closer to that ideal? Has Abazagorath’s sound […]

Abazagorath Post 2

Right, we formed ABAZAGORATH at the beginning of June 1998, so we are just turning 9 years old. Well, there was the “Channeling the Ethereal Moons” MCD that we put out in 1999, so we had the name out a little bit before “Tenebrarum…” came out. Overall, I like that album even though I don’t […]

Wild Thing

You too can be an aging rock and roller. Watch out Mick; hey, Bonnie. See us boogie. Listen up all you Shower Singers. You can still use your bars of Dial as a microphone if you want to, but there’s something better Out There for the Vocally Challenged.