Using Art for Relaxation Post 2

Where to Find Art Classes If you want to sign up for art classes and start enjoying the benefits of art, check with the following places: Local community college and universities often offer art classes. You don’t have to take the class for credit. Ask the college if you can audit classes. That means you […]

Get in the Loop

As futurist Lewis Perelman said, “Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.” This is particularly true for chartered accountants, because our work — whether in industry or public practice — has become increasingly specialized over time.

Using Art for Relaxation Post 1

The appreciation and creation of art can be a powerful way to relax and learn about oneself. It is a medium of communication that can in fact bring us closer to others while improving our relationships with others and ourselves.

The Truth About Exercise Post 3

Step Two The next thing that you must understand is that your body does NOT like change. Any deviation from what we call “homeostasis” is stressful to your body. While excessive physical, mental, and emotional stress is destructive, a limited and measured amount of stress is very positive to your system. The prime example of […]

The Truth About Exercise Post 2

Every one of these of people (millions) could have prevented or significantly reduced the risk of developing the condition they now have if they would have only exercised. Every one! Unfortunately, they cannot blame anyone but themselves. Once again, if you don’t regularly and consistently exercise, you will more than likely become a member of […]

Who is Seeking Best Practices On the Internet

“Best practice” has become a common phrase to describe a process or technique whose employment results in improved patient and/or organizational outcomes. While the exact definition of a best practice is still evolving, the following sentence from a recent trade magazine is typical of common usage: “United HealthCare Corp has been recognized by the Health […]

The Truth About Exercise Post 1

High blood pressure – (your name here), high cholesterol – (your name here) , diabetes – (your name here) , cancer – (your name here) , stroke – (your name here), osteoporosis – (your name here), and the list goes on and on…. Do I have your attention? If not, just go ahead and sign […]

Screen Shots

Even if you didn’t get around to making your own sun-dried tomatoes, you can still enjoy the season’s bounty by catching a summer movie or two before they vanish like so many butterflies. Sample some of these seasonal delights while they’re still on the big screen:

Shock Wave TV

The Clinton scandal is causing unexpected headaches for TV producers far beyond the news shows. Martha Stewart reportedly dumped a show about a luncheon she’d prepared for the president rather than show the world her gift to him — a monogrammed bed pillow.

Must She TV

Two of TV’s most buzzed-about young heroines — one new, one returning — appeared this week, offering a welcome respite from all the shrieking, schizoid “adult” females who dominate the tube. If only “Felicity,” The WB’s too-adorable college frosh whose show is supposed to be fall’s one surefire hit, could spend a semester learning from […]