Radio News

Health Therapists Dot Com are delighted to announce that Radio KCR has just joined the ranks of those community radio stations which are Broadcasting our regular health programs.

Net Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Unravelling the mystery of Valentine’s cards We all hope (secretly, of course) that the postman will be pushing a trolley to our doors on the 14th. And more importantly, we all hope for a card from that certain someone we’ve had our eyes on. Firstly, every woman should know the facts: The man you’ve had […]

Enough of the techno-babble, it’s time to talk strategy

I’m typing this article as I fly back on a chartered Twin Otter from C’oure d’Alene, Idaho, where I just gave a keynote address to the Petroleum Landmen Association of Canada about the strategic potential of the Internet.


Obesity is gaining on us. Today, more than half of Americans are classified as overweight and experts say this number is on the rise. Information about excess weight and the danger it poses to Americans’ health, social and economic well-being proliferates through news and advertising.

Kite Blading, Greatest thing Since Slice Bread and Chess

My name is Alan Sphere, I’m from Sydney but living in London. Anyway I’ve had heaps on interest from london skate group in this serendipitous new sport – got the idea at a bbq in a pk where people were flying kites.

Ending the pop-under ad scourge

One thing I can’t stand is laziness. And today I’m kind of bitchy because I continue to get relentless reminders that there are still people in the digital marketing community who are guilty of the absolutely worst form of slothfulness. These people are so lacking in creative talent that I think there should be a […]

That First Skydive Post 2

The initial feeling was pure exhilaration as the wind and the air overwhelmed my senses! Unbelievably you don’t get that falling sensation. All this time I was expecting the feeling of a roller coaster dropping. It honestly feels more buoyant or a floating sensation. Liken it to driving 80 miles an hour down the freeway […]

That First Skydive Post 1

What do you think it’s like to jump out of a plane at 13-thousand feet and fall at a rate of 120 miles per hour? Or better yet, why would someone jump out of a perfectly good airplane? The answers to those questions and more are in this article.

Flexibility Training Who Needs It?

My first experience with flexibility, or should I say inflexibility, came early in my childhood. In dance class, I wasn’t able to kick my leg as high as everyone else, and in cheerleading I struggled with my splits.

MP3 piracy hype clouds larger issue

Huge numbers of new digital technologies are affecting every industry. The challenge for senior executives is understanding how a particular technology may affect their sector, particularly when hype and hysteria accompany reports of new developments.