On-line audio and video will go mainstream

Will people watch video on the Internet? When asked, most experts suggest not. They say that the infrastructure of the Internet is too slow. On-line video is too unreliable. And the screen — well, it’s just too small and fuzzy, and the playback too jerky. It’s absolutely painful to watch.

Does your Program Offer Variety

Take a look at your class schedule. If 70 percent of it is dominated by step classes, you’re inviting boredom and denying your members the opportunity to grow. Many students are searching for ways to keep their workouts fresh and improve their training. You can help them accomplish their fitness goals by providing them with […]

Celebrating Members’ Birthdays

Pierpoint goes the extra mile to help its members feel right at home. With that in mind, the club recently introduced a program called “Happy Birthday Tootsie Pop.” The goal of the program, according to assistant manager Pamela Stewart is to “do a little something special for our members on their birthday.” The clients love […]

Gerard Oldfield the Man in the Rain at Horse Guards Parade, Part 2

If there was a track to best complement the weather of the night then ‘The Watchful Eye’ with its chorus of echoes eminating from water filled glasses was it. ‘Jewel in the Crown’ with its rhythmic guitar was reminiscent of Enigma with lazy eastern sounding vocals from three girls, breezing into frantic acoustic western guitar […]

Our Kind of Rage

It’s hard not to like Rage Against the Machine. After all, they’ve played alongside L7 and 7 Year Bitch at pro-choice rallies and headlined anti-Nazi marches. The stood naked on stage for 15 minutes at Lollapalooza III to protest censorship. One of their earliest videos combined scenes from the documentary Incident At Oglala and text […]

Technology Levels the Playing Field

I have been an entrepreneur since 1990. I left a large public accounting firm after a round of mergers, having determined not to trust my career and my fate to a group of anonymous executives in a boardroom somewhere. Instead of seeking another job, I decided to establish my own consulting firm, and haven’t looked […]

Gerard Oldfield the Man in the Rain at Horse Guards Parade, Part 1

Friday night in Whitehall. An assemblage of tourists outside Buckingham Palace peek through the railings in the rain. Walking along the Mall crowds of people with rain sodden tshirts bearing the face of a man who has been described as a music legend, Mike Oldfield. ‘Bloody mayhem round here today.

Electrasy in Northampton

On the 5th November, up and coming UK band Electrasy took Northampton’s Roadmender by storm. The venue may have been small, but for the audience this made their blasting indie-rock all the more enjoyable. Starting with their debut single “Lost In Space”, they played most of their current album and also treated the listeners to […]

Recordable CD-ROM levy unfair to small businesses

Entrepreneurs stand to get sideswiped by a new levy that will boost the cost of recording materials, including recordable CD-ROMs, known as CD-Rs. The federal government has given the green light to a levy on “recordable media,” based on the premise that the material is used to record music, thus depriving artists of their royalties.

Little to Celebrate in Budget

Opinion Piece from the Leader of the Australian Democrats, Senator Lyn Allison,, and printed in the ‘Canberra Times’ today, 23rd May 2005. Not all kids are equal in the eyes of Government Unless you are a two-parent, intact, married couple family, there was little to celebrate last week as part of National Family Week (May […]