Abazagorath Post 1

Having just released one of the best American black metal albums I’ve ever heard in “Sacraments of the Final Atrocity”, Abazagorath are poised for a triumphant climb to the pinnacle of their musical genre. I was prompted by my enjoyment of – and sheer admiration for – this release to contact the band and try […]

A Lost World

One literary genre that is almost unique to the 19th century is that of the hollow earth story. Hollow earth theories date back at least to Patrik Sin, whose groundbreaking 1618 work “Epitome Astrononomiae Copernicanae” proposed that the earth was composed of concentric shells. Edmund Halley (of comet fame) also took this theory quite seriously. […]

On the Notion of Support 2

The directly economic: “support” means, literally, to give money to a group of musicians. To buy their merchandise, to purchase their records, and – by extension – this meaning also lends itself to the activities appended to these economic choices, although this second category is in itself completely different and separate: “support” meaning listening to […]

On the Notion of Support 1

For a system of musical styles, an interrelated combination and array of musical movements, it is interesting how often these phrases regarding “support” arise in the traditional discourse. They occur often enough that one who has more than even than the most rudimentary curiosity (indeed, a sludgy, sloth-like, swamp curiosity that, hopefully, can raise its […]

All the Politics, None of the Folk

Think “women’s music” means either thin-voiced Lilith waifs and their acoustic guitars, or their unacknowledged forbears, those earnest acts your lesbian aunt adored? Think again. A collection of acts from the independent ┬álabel, The New Women’s Music Sampler, this genre-busting disc draws heavily from the punk and thrash girl-garage tradition instead, giving us a more […]

A Righteous Reagon

You may not have heard of her yet, but Toshi Reagon has been around, making a name for herself in live shows around the country and especially in her hometown of New York for years. Her band, Big Love, was named “best band, signed or unsigned,” by the New York Post. But until now, with […]

IBM’s New Spin on Music

Adopting a code name worthy of the CIA’s best spooks, IBM has sought the involvement of the world’s largest record labels in a trial for the Madison Project, a software initiative launching this fall that could lead to the widespread digital distribution of music. Both Sony Music and Time Warner’s Warner Music Group, along with […]

The musician’s life

It’s interesting, at least to me, how different groups of musicians pursue the individual and highly amorphous/ambiguous (relative) idea of “brutality”. What does “brutality” really mean? Like any other word, it has a meaning derived from context and the intent of the communicator (if not, also, the will of the hearer) and thus can be […]

Vinyl is Refreshing

Beyond its cyclical appeal as a retro collectible, vinyl is a compelling buy. In its anachronistic failure to permit random listening, vinyl provides a different listening experience. Vinyl rocks and herein we explain why. There are three compelling reasons to collect vinyl: it’s cheap, it sounds great, and it changes the way you listen to […]

SPOTLIGHT: Teenbeat Records

The first in an ongoing series, Spotlight: Teenbeat Records introduces the label run by Mark Robinson in Arlington, Virginia. First and foremost, my heart and deepest-felt sympathies go out to the friends, families, and associates of everyone affected by the twin terrorist attacks on downtown Manhattan and Washington, D.C. The radio stations in my area […]