Further Insight and Insider Brilliance

Speaking of Kelly, I actually like her. She is not at all like I expected. She’s very attentive, considerate, and she digs right in and isn’t the least bit bothered about hard work and getting dirty. She’s also the easiest to laugh and almost always smiling. I like a person who is easy to laugh and smile. I think it speaks volumes about who they are and their outlook on life and themselves.

I am concerned about Kelly, however. She was the most shown in the Survivor Insider clips. Yes, she’s attractive and quite pleasant, but does this mean that she’s the next to go? “Show her now while we can.”

On the flip side, the same can be said about Kim P. This girl is adorable. She, also, got quite a bit of “air time” in the Survivor Insider clips, with Lindsey being a close second in her tribe. Maybe the Insider executives thought that since they weren’t going to show anything real interesting or controversial, they may as well show the babes.

Lindsey is much more fun than I expected. (I expected more of a rough-around-the-edge tomboy type.) And Kim Powers was seen at least 2-3 times doing a cute “shake my little adorable tush” dance during conversations and whatever.

Super Tough guy Frank, true to nature but more friendly and liked than was shown, had a fun conversation with Carl. Carl mentioned that what he wanted more than anything was a case of bottled water. Frank listed several things, “You’d rather have water than a Lamborghini?”