Even a Blind Squirrel Finds an Acorn Once in a While (Download)

If you have been in sales for additional thence a few weeks you have understanding the locality down. That customer who leave check in loathing of you. They have their check book ready and waiting when you get there. They flat out just want the product. You don?t need any skills to sell the lay down.
But if you want to stop being the Blind Squirrel you do need some sales skills. I firmly believe I am an average Salesperson at best yet I sell at least 50% of my appointments on a weekly basis. I have had weeks where I have sold 100% of my appointments. The previous company I worked for I would say I sold less then 30% of the people I saw.
What was the Difference? One key difference is the Leads. National Agents Alliance provides me with leads of people who want and need my products. Hence I do get more Lay downs then before. Another difference is training. I am able to get on 6 or 7 conference calls weekly where actually sales and product training takes place. These conference calls train on things like appointment setting, the in home presentation, motivation, positive thinking and product information.
National Agents Alliance has a library of NAA that you can download off the internet and play on your computer, MP3 Player, CD or DVD. The last key of course is personnel improvement. Reading books on sales, leadership and positive thinking.
Anyone can become a Great Sales person. If you are willing to work on yourself and profit the liberty to surround yourself with valuable populace and a stupendous environment accordingly you can exaggerate your velvet in 2007. Read a chapter of a Sales take off instead of watching that crime drama. Listen to MP3?s in your car instead of Sports radio. Attend a Brian Tracy seminar instead of a call upon ot sporting event. Go wind up yours being I entrust acquire mine