Does your Program Invite Diversity

As you walk through the local mall, take note of the various cultures, ethnic groups, races, ages and body types represented in the crowd. Would individuals from all of these groups feel welcome and comfortable in your aerobics classes? What about people from different educational backgrounds, social classes and religions?

The most obvious way to increase and retain the demographics of your students is to have a diverse instructor staff. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, young, old, male and female, people tend to be more comfortable with instructors they can identify with.

If the diversity in instructor candidates is limited, invite instructors of various cultures, ethnic groups, backgrounds and ages from other clubs and towns to guest teach, or approach a talented student about the possibility of teaching.

You can also support diversity by modifying your classes or program to reflect your participants’ skills, interests and cultures through the types of music played, the methods of instruction given and the levels of fitness accommodated.