Celebrating Members’ Birthdays

Pierpoint goes the extra mile to help its members feel right at home. With that in mind, the club recently introduced a program called “Happy Birthday Tootsie Pop.” The goal of the program, according to assistant manager Pamela Stewart is to “do a little something special for our members on their birthday.” The clients love it, Stewart says, and new members are both shocked and pleased by the fact that the club actually takes the time to not only track down their birthday, but to make a fuss about it.

The club’s computer is equipped with a beeper that is cued to respond to specific information — in this case, birthdays. When the computer sounds the alarm, a message appears on the screen at the front service desk informing the attendant that a birthday is imminent.

The staff responds with a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday” during which a ribboned Tootsie Pop is presented to the lucky birthday person. The computer is set to beep before, on and immediately after the birthday, so that no birthday is left unacknowledged.

“We have found a fun, low-cost way to wish our members a ‘Happy Birthday’ and to make them feel special,” says Stewart, who adds that the celebration not only brightens the member’s day, but the staff’s as well. “Celebrating a member’s birthday always brings a smile to their face and that is in line with our mission statement, ‘If you smile when you think of the Pierpoint Racquet Club, we are accomplishing our mission!'”