An Article on Juice Therapy, Part 1

Juice Therapy will help you achieve better nutrition and better health. Certain types of juices have even been known to help people with cancer and other illnesses due to the phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and enzymes they contain. Nutritionists, doctors and the FDA encourage us to have five helpings of fruits and vegetables a day for optimal nutrition. They are the best source of many vitamins and minerals.

The connection between diet and health is nothing new. Fruit and vegetables, as well as grains, must be included in any healthy diet. Who doesn’t know that? Yet, how many Americans regularly eat fruit, or even vegetables? We tend to go for the junk, right? Consider the research that’s been done. Two groups of people were given different types of juice. The first group was given regular juice from the grocery store, but was told that it was fortified with extra vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene; but it wasn’t. The other group was given fresh squeezed juice of the same fruits. An approximate 20% improvement was made in the health of those given the freshly squeezed juice. There was no effect on the health of those drinking store bought juice.

There have also been many more scientific studies indicating that the inclusion of an abundant amount of beta-carotene from fresh fruit juices in the diet is associated with good health. Adding just two cups of fresh fruit or vegetable juice to your diet each day will greatly improve your health. If you are feeling run down, tired, weak or are continually catching every virus or flu that comes your way, you need to pay particular attention to the evidence that juice therapy can improve your health. You may need a colon cleansing. The colon sometimes retains some of the debris of the food we ate, and this can lead to feelings of tiredness, weakness or sickness.

To clean and rejuvenate your system, naturopaths recommend juice fasting twice a year for one to three days. They say that therapeutic juice fasting is said to harness the great healing power of nature. Juice fasting can activate your own healing processes and remove stored toxins from your body. Fasting helps stimulate the liver and treat debilitating conditions such as arthritis. Once on a juice fast, you don’t eat any solid foods for a set amount of time, about 1 to 3 days for most fasts. Fasts longer than a week should be done under the direction and care of a physician.

To do a juice fast, drink only freshly squeezed juices of fruits and vegetables. Do not eat solid foods at all. The juices will give you all the nutrients you need, and do not take any effort to absorb because the fiber has been removed. Your body can concentrate on healing instead of digestion.

Green vegetable juices can give you the extra benefit of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the complex pigment that makes green plants green. Chlorophyll is known to contain antibacterial agents that can help you get over illnesses or infections. Chlorophyll can stop bad breath too. Leafy green plants such as spinach, alfalfa, cabbage, wheat and barley are high in chlorophyll and vitamins A, C, and E, in addition to calcium, iron, potassium and zinc.

Having a blender or electric juicer to make healthy drinks is a must for homemade juices. A blender does not extract the juice from the pulp of the fruit or vegetable, it just grinds it up. An electric juicer can extract or squeeze the juice out of the fruit or vegetable and give you a clear juice. Juicing in a blender will give a thick shake-like drink.

For a quick breakfast smoothie, throw in big chunks of apple, grapes, frozen bananas and ice and grind and whip it down to a smooth drink.

You can freeze 8-ounce containers of yogurt and bananas and put them in the blender with fresh fruit for a thicker more filling cold smoothie. Children love this nutritional drink! The recipes and ideas are endless, be creative.

Following are some recipe ideas for a juice extractor:

Pineapple-Orange Surprise
2 slices pineapple
2 oranges
1/4 lime
a sprig of parsley

Cabbage Juice
1/4 head of cabbage
1 apple or 2 carrots
1/4 cup distilled water
Cabbage juice is excellent for alleviating ulcers.