Abazagorath Post 4

To me, there was no choice but to come up with the strongest album possible. “Tenebrarum…” came out in 1997 and here we are just putting out the follow up 7 years later…. Anything less than 100% commitment to our best effort would not be acceptable. What kept us going? The will to conquer!!! The will to overcome the obstacles thrown in our path and continue forward nonetheless. Yes, I feel that we had something to prove on this album. As much as we do this because it is what we want to do and will do this regardless of anyone else’s opinions, heads will turn and we will be recognized.

It’s not a response to any criticism from anyone regarding their personal tastes or any biases based on the inference that geographical location has anything to with your ability to create killer Black Metal. Personally, I think the US scene has been taking off over the past few years…. Back when we started, the USBM scene was just beginning to stir for the most part. Now USBM has secured a position of wider recognition and respect, and as a part of that movement, we sure as Hell have a lot to say and a lot of fucking noise to make!!! Back in the mid 90s I did look at things from a point of view that held the Scandinavian bands in higher esteem, but I have always been open to and supporting great Black Metal bands from all parts of the world. This “Norwegian Black Metal is the absolute best” attitude needs to die out….

“Sacraments”…I’m guessing this plural noun refers to all of the songs together, as they appear as rituals dedicated to…what? What is the “final atrocity”? I haven’t read the lyrics but I’m assuming just by the title of the album and the lines that I can make out while listening that it is certainly apocalyptic in approach and/or theme. Is Abazagorath an apocalyptic band? Are you pessimistic fatalists? Do you believe that our world civilizations are heading towards some kind of final cataclysm, an armageddon…or is this just material for your lyrics? A sort of “dark fantasy”?

Well, it is not a concept album, but the lyrics to the title track speak of various rites of passage – basically a perversion of the roman catholic sacraments – that would “purify” us in preparation for the final plunge into Hell….. The “Final Atrocity” is Armageddon. To say the least this is more than a bit Apocalyptic. This is a theme that comes up several times over the course of the album and has reared its ugly head over the years with us. Does that make us an “Apocalyptic Band?” We are just reflecting upon what we see in the world around us. Speaking for myself, I think some would call me a pessimistic fatalist, but I call it “Wishful Thinking.” It is definitely more than just fodder for lyrics. The end of the world may not be “right around the corner,” but I think one look at the newspaper or evening news will clue you in on the fact that it looks like things are bound to get “worse” – at least according to society at large…. And for me, worse is better…. And worse means the end of the fucking world as we know it….

In your discography it states that “Sacraments…” will be released in CD form on a label called “Satanic Perversions” and the LP will be out on “Diabolist Records”. What happened to these plans? Was “Satanic Perversions” the original name for your own label, Morbid Wrath? If so, why did you change the name? Why did you choose to finally release your new CD on your own label? Were you having trouble finding a satisfactory contract from another label or was it just something you decided to do (prudently, in my opinion) because of your experiences with the industry? Will you be working with any other labels to enable adequate distribution of the new CD? I would like to see it spread very far; I think it deserves to be heard…

Satanic Perversions was to be a label headed up by former guitarist Demonic, and “Sacraments…” was to be the debut release. Due to some personal problems, Demonic quit the band while we were mixing the album and folded the label. Due to the tight deadline we would be facing in order to get the CD out before leaving for the European tour, we ended up taking matters into our own hands and released it ourselves, through Morbid Wrath.

Demonic had contacted Deathgasm Records upon Satanic Perversions’ demise, and they offered to release the CD, but we decided that we could just do it ourselves. The contact with Deathgasm still helped things along as they coordinated the CD manufacturing, got us good prices and made sure it would be ready for us to take out on tour. Releasing the CD ourselves gave us complete control over the project and I think we can do just as well for ourselves than most labels could do for us. A number of labels and distros currently have “Sacraments…” in stock and it will surely spread more widely in the months to come. As well as the LP version which is still due through Diabolist, I do hope to license it over to a larger label for another pressing. Frankly speaking, I also think the album needs to be heard so I hope it spread like the Plague…