Abazagorath Post 2

Right, we formed ABAZAGORATH at the beginning of June 1998, so we are just turning 9 years old. Well, there was the “Channeling the Ethereal Moons” MCD that we put out in 1999, so we had the name out a little bit before “Tenebrarum…” came out. Overall, I like that album even though I don’t listen to it much. But in general, I don’t listen to any of my recordings that much.

There are 4 or 5 songs on there that I think have stood the test of time and I am as proud of them now as I was back then. That album may not be as “evocative” now, but we were younger then and it was one step towards where we are now. I have no regrets about anything regarding “Tenebrarum…” as it was a necessary stage in our development. Through the years, we experienced numerous line up changes (probably about 6 or 7 guitar players and about 3 vocalists).

On top of that, from about August 1998 to early 1999 Warhead (drums) was out of commission recovering from injuries he received in a motorcycle accident and an infection he caught while recovering. So, while we never quit there were periods of time where activity waned. There also were some side projects – FUNEBRARUM for Morgul and myself and WARHEAD for Warhead and myself to a lesser degree – that were going on during this “lull.”

But we were still doing occasional gigs and continued to write material. Rob from Elegy patiently (…or impatiently) waited for us to get stuff together for the second album, but in the end we made a mutual decision for ABAZAGORATH to explore other options as far as getting the newer releases out. There were no “problems” with Rob that had to do with that decision. We remain good friends with him to this day, and support Elegy 100%. In 2001, we recorded 7 songs. Two ended up on “The Spirit of Hate for Mankind” 7″ that BFD released in 2002 and the other tracks were slated to be released by 7 Gates of Hell Records (Poland) as a split picture disc LP with an obscure Polish act known as WARMIST.

The LP was scrapped when communication with the label “faded” after we waited months for them to get the record out, and I have never been able to verify at all (even with contacts I have in the Polish BM scene) whether WARMIST ever actually existed!!! Luckily, Filip from Agonia Records came along and offered to get those tracks out, so more than 2 years after they were recorded they finally saw the light as “Enshrined Blasphemer.”

Please excuse my curiosity if these questions are redundant or too boring for you, but I have one more little one: it also says in your bio that you recorded a cover version of Mayhem’s “Funeral Fog” exactly four years ago for a tribute that never materialized.

Can you tell us a little more about that? Who was set to release that, and who else was scheduled to be on it? Why wasn’t it released? What happened to this recording – will it be added to another one of your albums as a bonus track…perhaps to the LP version of “Enshrined Blasphemer”? Obviously Mayhem was an influence for you if you picked one of their songs to cover…would you rethink releasing such a cover today because of the way that band has changed now (some say for the worse), or would it still be seen by you as a tribute to the “old” Mayhem with Euronymous?

ABAZAGORATH has never been about doing lots of cover tunes, but we used to do “Black Magic” (SLAYER) at some gigs in 97- 99. Mike Meacham from Warhammer Records got in touch with me and asked us to appear on a USBM tribute to MAYHEM they were putting together. At the time he provided me with a full list of the bands that were supposed to contribute but I can’t really remember who all of them were.

I think I remember DEMONCY, KULT OV AZAZEL and KHISANTH were mentioned….. For some reason, they never put it out. I ran into Mike at a show up here in the summer of 2001 and asked him what happened but I guess I was beyond caring at that point because I can’t even remember what he told me!!!! I think only like 2 bands (one of them was us) even bothered sending their tracks in.

Yes, there are plans for this recording to emerge “from the dark past” so to speak…. My Polish BM brother Skrzypor Tethyr of Hail Satan 666 Productions plans to release it on a CDR comp tribute to Dead and Euronymous he is working on. My other Polish Metal pal Filip wants to use it as a bonus for the forthcoming vinyl version of “Enshrined Blasphemer.” And it may end up on a split 7″ with ENGORGE, another NJ act, who will have a DARKTHRONE cover planned for their contribution. So, yeah, I think you will hear this track eventually!!! “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” has always been one of our biggest inspirations, so regardless of what kind of shit MAYHEM is up to these days, it was our honor to pay tribute to Euronymous, Dead and the Black Metal Spirit they created….