Abazagorath Post 1

Having just released one of the best American black metal albums I’ve ever heard in “Sacraments of the Final Atrocity”, Abazagorath are poised for a triumphant climb to the pinnacle of their musical genre. I was prompted by my enjoyment of – and sheer admiration for – this release to contact the band and try to gain more information about this mysterious collective of artists. Bassist and band leader Nyarlathotep was kind enough to answer my questions…

You recently returned from a 10 date (I believe) tour throughout Europe, touching Spain, Germany, Austria, France, even into England…what was it like? Was it a good experience all around? Tell us about it. Was it your first tour of Europe? What was the response of the crowd to Abazagorath’s material like? You also toured with Craig Pillard (Ex-Incantation, Disciples of Mockery) playing second guitar – can you tell us why this was done? Did he have any trouble stepping in and fulfilling his role satisfactorily? Has he helped you in the past in this capacity? Are you planning any kind of tour of the States anytime soon?

Yes, at the beginning of May we did a 7 show tour (10 were scheduled but one of the vans broke down forcing us to cancel the Swiss date) with DEMONCY and KRIEG. It was fucking amazing! The best experience I have had in my life thus far. Even though the drives were long, there were 18 people crammed into 2 vans, we didn’t sleep much (too many hours of the night spent getting drunk!!!!) and we didn’t make much money, it was absolutely worth it. As a band, I think the tour brought us all closer together than ever before, and we have become more focused and committed to what we are doing.

This was actually the first real tour we have ever done, period. Going into it, I did not really know how we were going to handle life on the road and how the shows were going to turn out, but the organization was very professional, resulting in better conditions than I had originally expected. The venues were fully packed for a majority of the gigs. The crowd response to our material was quite good, considering we were playing mostly brand new songs and that I think we were playing to a large audience that may not have been familiar with us at all. Craig offered to help us out when our second guitarist Demonic quit the band about a month before we were supposed to leave for the tour.

He seemed to have no trouble at all jumping right in and delivering exactly what we needed. He approached everything very professionally as far as learning the songs, practicing them at home, rehearsing with the band and even making his own arrangements as far as renewing his passport and buying his own plane ticket. Also, the fact that he had done several tours with INCANTATION proved helpful to the rest of us as his previous experiences proved to be a source of valuable information. This was the first time he helped us out.

We’ve been friends with him for a few years now, but I had never thought he would ever get involved with what we were doing. I was actually really surprised when he offered to do it. I was basically convinced we would have to do the tour with only Morgul on guitar, and although he is the main songwriter and can carry us if necessary, we sound much more powerful with 2 guitars. We have no plans for a US tour at the moment, but we all definitely want to hit the road again as soon as possible!!!!

Abazagorath has a long history…I think you’ve been around since the mid-’95s, correct? Yet to this point I think people mainly know you from the album you put out on Elegy Records in 1997, “Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus”. How do you view that record today? Do you think it’s still viable, relevant, or “evocative” in the manner it was meant to be? Have your feelings towards it changed over time?

Between that record’s release and the EP you put out on Blood Fire Death there was a space of 4 years…what was happening during this time? Why did the band take four years to release something new at that point? Did you have problems with Elegy? Also…as to the material recorded for the “Enshrined Blasphemer” MCD that you eventually put out on Agonia, this was originally supposed to be released as a split album…with what band? What happened to that collaboration?