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27 Oct 12 Evaluate your Sleep Habits

Have you been getting eight hours of sleep each night? How about anywhere close to eight hours? When I become mind weary, I can usually look back and track the days I’ve been burning the midnight oil just a little too long. Part of my mind weariness is actually caused by sleep deprivation or interrupted sleep patterns. (more…)

17 Oct 12 What Types of Infections Should you use Herbs for?

Skin Infections, Colds, Bronchitis, Ear Infections, Diarrhea, Sore Throats

Infections of the skin are the easiest way to use antibiotic herbs. These infections include fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and jock itch. (more…)

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09 Oct 12 An Article on Juice Therapy, Part 2

All-Natural Lemonade
3-4 apples
1/2 lemon
With no sugar added, this can be a strong drink, but you can add water to dilute it without losing any flavor. (more…)

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09 Oct 12 Do You Want to Lose Weight?

So … you think you want to lose weight? Maybe I can change your mind before the end of this article. In the weight management classes I teach at the YMCA, I help students learn that they need to lose the goal to lose … and gain the goal to gain. (more…)

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02 Oct 12 An Article on Juice Therapy, Part 1

Juice Therapy will help you achieve better nutrition and better health. Certain types of juices have even been known to help people with cancer and other illnesses due to the phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and enzymes they contain. Nutritionists, doctors and the FDA encourage us to have five helpings of fruits and vegetables a day for optimal nutrition. They are the best source of many vitamins and minerals. (more…)

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21 Sep 12 Things To Remember When Facing An Assailant, Part 2

Every man has had a mother, sister or wife who has been told all her life that the way to get away from an attacker is to kick him in the groin. This can be an affective move if you are lucky. Unfortunately every man expects that as the first defensive move from a woman. If you can indeed get a good solid knee strike to the man’s testicles, take it. Beware of overconfidence though. Hollywood (and your mother) will say the villain in this story will grab his groin, roll his eyes upward, give a deathlike groan and hit the ground like a stone. From personal experience I can tell you this doesn’t always occur, so once again, don’t let this be your only line of defense. (more…)

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21 Sep 12 Things To Remember When Facing An Assailant, Part 1

To begin with, I would like to say no written article or $29.95 video can ever take the place of a qualified instructor of the martial arts. For those reading this I would also like to emphasize that a little knowledge can be helpful but it can also be harmful. (more…)

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12 Sep 12 Getting the Most from Tai Chi Practice

There are many ways to do Tai Chi. Whether it’s a type like Tai Chi Chuan with its many styles and forms, or Tai Chi Chih that allows movement in a tiny space. (more…)

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03 Sep 12 Thunder, Lightning and Me, Part 2

Not only did I have to cope with the driving rain, which made morning seem as night, but now I faced the prospect of electrocution. What was even worse is that there were trees all around me; so one lucky strike could also spell an untimely end for me. These were dangerous conditions for a runner, and as there were no other runners in sight, as there normally would be, I could only assume that I was either the bravest or the dumbest person in modern athletics. (more…)

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03 Sep 12 Thunder, Lightning and Me, Part 1

As an intrepid runner, you are in a constant war with nature. You might be the most anal conservationist as I am, but you are at war with nature each time you don those short and shoes and tank top and decide to brave the elements for a few good miles of solid running. There is no better time to win those small battles against uncooperative weather than during the spring. This is the beginning of warm weather, allergies and extremely inclement weather of the rainy variety. (more…)

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